Legatia SE

The Stage 4 product line offered by Hybrid Audio Technologies is our Legatia Special Edition, a collection of seriously enhanced Legatia products that boast superior performance.  The SE series is a drop-in replacement for the existing Stage 3 Legatia products.

The Stage 4 Special Edition series is an improvement over the competition-proven Stage 3 product, as follows:

* wider bandwidth operation.
* higher mechanical Xmax.
* notably lower impedance at high frequency.
* higher thermal power handling by AES standard.
* higher thermal power handling with suggested crossover.
* slightly lower moving mass for better transient response.
* higher compliance of motor system.
* use of woven dual tinsel lead spider for mechanical balance and improved radial compliance.
* inclusion of high-energy neodymium cup and motor.
* inclusion of copper shorting cup for inductance mitigation.
* inclusion of aluminum radiator for heat dissipation.
* inclusion of copper-plated aluminum extended phase plug pole piece.
* inclusion of laser-etched back plate cap with Hybrid Audio Technologies logo and Special Edition nomenclature.

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