One Amp to power all

The story behind the Powerbox series of amplifiers was to create a range of products that will happily power any speaker in our range. We didn’t want to confuse the customer by having different speakers and amps that would not sufficiently match each other, so Powerbox range was born.

The series contains Class AB 2 and 4 channel amplifiers, 2 class D Mono amplifiers and our world beating Powerbox Micro amplifiers which come in 400 watt RMS mono and 65.4 Plug and Play 4 Channel versions.

The Micro amplifiers offer a unique tiny footprint with huge power output, these amps have received incredible reviews  and are being used all around the world in anything from OEM upgrades to competition installs.

VIBE Powerbox Micro Amplifier from Midbass Distribution on Vimeo.

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