Legatia Pro

The Stage 5 product line offered by Hybrid Audio Technologies is our Legatia Professional Series.  The Pro series is the finest car audio speaker offering in the world, bar-none.

It has taken years to develop the first two Pro-series products, the Legatia L1 Pro tweeter, and the limited edition Legatia L1 Pro SE radiator ring tweeter.  Both products are sold ala carte, or can be combined with Legatia products to make a “hybrid” of the two product lines.  The next product released in the Legatia Pro Series line-up is the Legatia L1 Pro R2 (ring radiator) tweeter, an enhancement of the widely-acclaimed Legatia L1 Pro SE tweeter with shallower mounting depth.  The Pro series is a drop-in replacement for the existing Stage 3 Legatia products, and the future Stage 4 Legatia Special Edition products.

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