The Imagine models have been updated and split into 2 different model lines. You can now find them in the Unity product line as well as the new Imagine Powersport line which are even more water resistant and specifically designed for motorcycles and other powersports. You can click the links below and they will take you to their new home. 


New for 2010, the Imagine series is our “Stage 1” offering, and is the “entry-level” speaker system from Hybrid Audio Technologies.  The Imagine series has the heritage and bloodlines of more-expensive Hybrid Audio Technologies products, but at a price that anyone can afford.  And we use "entry level" rather loosely, for we have shown this product to be far superior to many other competing brand's products up to, and exceeding twice to three times the price.

Imagine products boast a unique coaxial and convertible component set design allowing for wide-variety of installations, and a water-proof paper cone.  Each Imagine kit comes boxed as a coaxial, but also contains necessary parts for conversion into a component set.  Currently, a 6 ½”  and 6 X 9" Imagine kit is available, and by early Winter 2010 the line will include a 5 ¼” convertible set and a 6.5” subwoofer.  Early in 2011, we expect to also have an Imagine 8” and 10” subwoofer available, as well.  The Imagine series brings high-end Hybrid Audio Technologies performance to the entry-level market.

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