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PAC Toslink Fiber-Optic Audio Output Module for AmpPRO APA-TOS1

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The APA-TOS1 is a fiber-optic audio output add-on accessory for use with an AmpPRO interface. The APA-TOS1 easily installs in your AmpPRO interface and instantly provides a digital Toslink output.

APA-TOS1 is compatible with any brand and length of Toslink cable for connection into a Toslink equipped DSP, or amplifier.

APA-TOS1 provides a pure digital output for aftermarket amplifier and/or DSP installation
Digital audio signals are less susceptible to noise/hiss or interference

Quick and easy installation into any AmpPRO interface
Provides digital fiber-optic variable audio signal output
Compatible with Toslink equipped DSPs or amplifiers


NOTE: Toslink cable is not included

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