Legatia L8SE Speaker Set

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size: 18.00 W × 12.00 H × 7.00 L
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225mm (8.85-inch) “large format” wide-bandwidth midbass/midrange driver to compliment both two-way and three-way system designs, where a point-source midrange or dedicated midbass driver is required.

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The Legatia L8SE

The Legatia L8SE’s topology has been based off of the massively successful Stage III Legatia L8 transducer, as well as the revised “Version 2” of the L8 known as the L8V2. The first-generation L8 was launched in September 2007 to an enthusiastic reception of car audio competitors, enthusiasts, and car audiophiles. In the years since its inception, the L8 midbass has been included in several International Auto Sound Challenge Association (IASCA®) national- and world-championship vehicles; the L8 was debuted initially by David Brooks in competition, and the first-generation L8 went undefeated in organized competition its first and second seasons, including the season-ending championships in 2007 and 2008. The second-generation L8V2 was launched in December 2010. When it came time to enhance the L8 and L8V2, we were very cognoscente of the L8V2’s midbass abilities, and had three general project objectives: 1) enhance the L8 and L8V2’s ability to effectively reproduce a wider frequency spectrum for possible application as a dedicated midrange in a two-way application, 2) to maintain, if not enhance the L8 and L8V2’s lower-octave authority and impulse response through more displacement and lighter moving mass, and 3) to improve motor compliance and inductance through the use of a double-stacked N48H grade neodymium magnet and through the use of Cu-Al inductance rings.

  • Overall Diameter: 225 mm (8.85-inch)
  • Mounting Depth: 94 mm
  • Bolt Circle Diameter: 211 mm
  • Mounting Hole: 186 mm
  • Recommended Minimum Crossover Frequency: 40 Hz at 24 dB/octave highpass
  • Pnom Rated Power Input (No Crossover): 90 watts (AES Standard)
  • Pmax Rated Power Input (No Crossover): 180 watts (AES Standard)
  • Pmax (With Recommended Minimum Crossover): 240 watts
  • Frequency Range: 40 Hz – 3,800 Hz, +/- 3 dB
  • Sensitivity: 89 dB at 1 watt/1meter
  • Mms: 30 g
  • Cms: 433 um/N
  • BL: 5.997 T*m
  • Voice Coil Diameter: 35.55 mm (1.4-inch)
  • Impedance: 4 K
  • DC Resistance: 3.4 K
  • Fs: 41.5 Hz (free air)
  • Qms: 1.966
  • Qes: 0.914
  • Qts: 0.627
  • Xmax: 9.5 mm (one way)
  • Vas: 27.5 L
  • Le: 36 uH
  • Sd: 0.02 m2


    Includes: One pair of L8 speakers. Grilles not included

    (Adobe PDF document) Legatia™ SE Manual

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