Zapco ST-2B 2 Ch. Class A/B Amplifier

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Compact Class AB Amplifier


While sound quality is always the number one factor in a Zapco design, there are other factors in the Studio design that make them "every-day" amps. The extruded aluminum chassis is more compact and lighter to make the studio series an easier fit in today's smaller cars. The feature set of the Studio amps provides you with all the system versatility you need without adding additional components, with everything from crossovers to preamp outputs, so multiple amps don't require extra signal cables. Power, price, size, and performance.

No it's not designed specifically for competition. This is an amp designed to knock your socks of... in your car, for your daily use, every day. So go ahead... pop in your favorite disk, grab the volume control, and see if you don't agree that dedication to sonic purity is definitely a good thing.


Features and Functions


  • 2-Channel, Class-AB Full Range Amplidier

  • Stable into 4 ohms bridged or 2 ohms stereo load

  • MOSFET power supply

  • RCA and OEM speaker level input

  • Variable Inputs Gain Control

  • Variable FULL / LP / HP Electronic Crossover

  • Variable Bass Boost




  • Power @ 4Ω: 2 x 65 watts

  • Power @ 2Ω: 2 x 90 watts

  • Power @ 4Ω Bridged: 1 x 180 watts

  • THD @ Rated Power  < 0.1%

  • Signal to Noise Ratio > 97dB

  • Channel separation > 45dB

  • Frequency Response 20Hz to 20,000Hz ±1dB

  • Input Sensitivity .25v to 5v

  • Dimensions in mm: 182(W) x 52(H) x 200(L) Overall: 182(W) x 52(H) x 230(L)


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