Z-Series AC Power Supplies

The Zapco PS100v power supply was designed for maximum efficiency and versatility. This unit converts 110 volt AC power from a standard wall outlet into 12 volts to add backup power to your car audio system. ​

Zapco power supplies can be used in conjunction with a battery or multiple batteries safely (example). The regulated pulse charging system adjusts the power supply's output to match your battery's needs without over-charging.

The variable output voltage control lets you have the perfect voltage for your particular application's needs. You can have a little as 9 volts out to as much as 16 volts. Most automotive systems will be operating at between 13.5 and 14.4 volts when the engine is running. If you are making measurements of an amps performance it is critical to know exactly what the operating voltage is. For added accuracy, each Zapco PS100V supply has a digital panel mount voltage meter included so you can constantly monitor the output. 

 If your system needs more current, you can "strap" up to four of the PS100V supplies (example) to get up to 400 amps of operating current and the "master" supply will control the output of all the supplies in the circuit so they will always be perfectly matched. 

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