Studio D BT Amplifiers

The Micro-chassis amps. These little beasts aren’t just small, and they aren’t just powerful. They sound great! 

Over the last couple of years Zapco has introduced more than the pure high end SQ Competition amps. We have also introduced a line of great sounding amps in an affordable price range called the Studio series. The Studio D amps are full range Class D amps with great sound, compact chassis, and more crystal clear power than the competition.

Zapco has added some very remarkable new full range Class D amplifiers to the Studio family. Lets take a moment to get a little perspective on size. Lets think about something we are all familiar with... the classic 1/2 DIN In-Dash EQ. We all know what they look like. They measure about 7” long by 5.5” or 6” deep and a little over 1” high. Ok... with that picture in your mind, think about a 4-channel amp with 60 Watts RMS/Ch @ 4Ω with less than 0.5% distortion. Or, 170 Watts RMS/Ch x 2 @ 4Ω at less than 0.5% distortion... in the same footprint as that in-dash EQ! Those are new Zapco Micro Amplifiers. Thanks to a brand new technology, we are able use the NXP Class D solution to get amazing power and performance in a incredibly compact chassis with over 90% efficiency. And this diminutive little beast has all the features of the larger amps... and Bluetooth streaming!

When the Studio D.BT amps are installed they work just like any other amps with your head unit. But if you fire up the music on your phone, tablet, or other Bluetooth smart device, these amps will automatically switch over to Bluetooth to grab that signal.

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