Legatia™ L3x Vertically-Biamplified 3-way Passive Crossover

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The new vertically biamplified Legatia L3x passive 3-way crossovers have been specifically designed to work with any wide-bandwidth Hybrid Audio Technologies midrange, such as the Legatia L3, Legatia L4, Legatia L6, Clarus C5, or Clarus C6.  The crossover filters are also amenable to your choice of Legatia tweeter, whether it be the Legatia L1V2, the Legatia L1 Pro, or the Legatia L1 Pro SE, or the Clarus C1 tweeter.


The L3x crossovers are an attractive, high-performance filter set that contains hand-matched, high quality low tolerance parts, such as metalized polypropylene capacitors, air core low ESR inductors, and low tolerance ceramic resistors (for tweeter attenuation via the L-pad).  Also included is an industry-standard tweeter protection circuit to defend the Legatia tweeters from being over-driven, or from faulty amplifier circuitry and extreme input voltage.  The circuit board is a double-sided design with nickel-plated spring-loaded terminals for ease of installation and adjustment of tweeter attenuation.  The circuitry is protected in a handsome ABS plastic case, which contains a clear acrylic cover to view the circuitry, all of which is a proprietary Hybrid Audio Technologies design.


The L3x is a good solution for Legatia and/or Clarus 3-way systems using a midbass, midrange and tweeter.


Includes: 1 pair of crossovers

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