Imagine I61-2V2 6.5" Component / Coaxial Speaker Set

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6.5" 2-way Component/Convertible Speaker System

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The Imagine series consist of coaxial/convertible component sets designed for the discerning consumer interested in more than just an ‘OEM replacement speaker.’


The Imagine line-up has quickly become Hybrid Audio’s best-selling speaker, and a favorite amongst dealers and consumers because of its price to performance ratio. Imagine easily outperforms sets costing twice to three times the price. In fact, Imagine was named “one of the top-11 best bargain speakers available” by Car Audio & Electronics Magazine in 2011.


Kits include a pair of cast ABS frame midbass coaxials with water-proof paper cones proprietary to Hybrid Audio Technologies, high-energy ferrite magnets, 25mm soft-dome tweeters, component set conversion items (midbass phase plugs, tweeter cups and hardware, connection wire, and an extra set of magnet decals), integrated high- quality Mylar tweeter crossover capacitors.

Overall Diameter: 6 1/2"
Mounting Diameter: 5 9/16"
Mounting Depth: 2 3/4"

Includes grilles, mounting hardware, removable phase plugs and 3 tweeter mounting bezels (surface, flush and 45 degree). Please see the document below for operating instructions. There is no manual included in the box.  

(Adobe PDF document) Imagine™ I61-2 Details and Instruction Manual

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Hybrid Audio is the standard which all others try to achieve.
Written by Chad G. on 8th Apr 2016

Recently bought the Imagine 6.5's and this is the second set I've purchased 1st from 12velectronics and these are great. Awesome entry level set to run an active system. I'm a big Hybrid fan as I also have a set of Legatia L3SE's with the L8SE's. True fan for life.

Best speaker for the money!
Written by gnc customs on 19th Sep 2014

We have compared these speakers to many others at the same price or even $150 more and the Imagines always out perform. I would strongly recommend these speakers to anyone who appreciates music.

Great value for the $
Written by Admranger on 22nd Jun 2013

I installed these in my 2005 X5 front doors. I left the tweeter where it was instead of separating it out. I did separately amp the tweeter and mid with the stock DSP amp (for now). Sounds great! Much, much better than the POS stock speakers, one of which disintegrated while removing it from the stock baffle. Even with the wimpy stock DSP amp, these speakers made the music come alive. Really great bass punch from them too -- much more than I was expecting. Tweeters, being down low in the doors, still present a nice soundstage.

Written by Jeff on 19th Mar 2013

First off the reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is because I have these running rear fill(running Unity's up front) in a 2012 F-150 coming of off a processor (Alpine H660). I'm putting around 175 Wrms to them(gain is just below a quarter). Therefore I don't know what they sound like in a proper front stage. They are in a sound deadened doors also. I was disappointed at first because I thought that I couldn't hear them. But boy was I wrong. After my processor was correctly set up and after about 6-8 hrs of play time they woke up. My midbass is amazing considering I'm only running 6.5's. I would recommend these to anyone, to my ear they out perform anything else in their price range.

My FIRST "high end" 6.5", midbass lovers rejoice.
Written by Keith S. on 29th Jan 2013

Impressed with these speakers! After reading many tests and user notes, I decided to get these based on the sound quality and prodigous midbass these can produce. With a properly sealed door, these speakers are taking 100w of clean power and flat out destroy my old Infinity midranges in 1) sound quality 2) smooth tweet response and 3) midbass! I listen to mostly high quality audio and 320k mp3 tracks, electronic/PSYTRANCE/vocal psy/IDM and these Imagines deliver the punch and groove required. And they do quite well with everything else as well. Running them at 85hz crossover @12db slope, 135w x 2 amplifier.

Highly recommended
Written by Lee Barnes on 5th Dec 2012

I just want to start off by saying that Hybrid has amazing customer service! This is the type of service expected by a company like Amazon, but a more mom and pop feel. Very down-to-earth guys that will answer any questions you have. Speakers: The HAT Imagine 6.5's sound awesome. I have turned them up the the point where it hurts and still can not detect any distortion. They actually produce better quality bass than my Kicker CVT 6.5 subs. I will be buying the Imaging 6.5 subs ASAP. These things rock! I left them in the coaxial setup as that is what is specified in the precise manual. They are mounted in a small enclosure (not recommended), but still sound great. I also power these with an Alpine power pack due to the spacial limits in my vehicle. I can not complain one bit about these. I wish they were cheaper, but then again, I wish everything was cheaper. I would probably pay double the price for these again.

Imagine I61-2
Written by Chris Baird on 5th May 2012

I have had the Imagine I61-2 for about 2 weeks now and am very happy. They were purchased from, and installed by, Soundscape Audio in Plano, Texas. They are powered by an Alpine HU with a Alpine 45x4 power pack. My tastes in music varies from blues, rock, rap, and everything between. The speakers perform simply awesome. With a more powerful amp I am sure they would be even better. If you are on the fence about these, go for it!

Written by undefined on 15th Apr 2012

I dont even know where to start?!?? These are by far the best speakers ive ever heard so far and i know there are speakers way more expensive that are better but theres nothing that can come close to these for the price. I really am blown away by the superb sound clarity of these speakers and the loudness is not even harsh it does not fatigue your ears at high volume. these speakers really hit the mark with all of the technology and research that went into them! Check the link for a vid demo! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lthulNMiSWw&list=UUQePg6Zq4RX_j2tPbpWEpdQ&index=1&feature=plcp

Just WOW!
Written by Harry on 21st Sep 2011

I got these speakers for my BMW m5 2003. Removed the old door speakers and installed these babies with the new mounting brackets they came with. Gosh I am so pleased with them, even with the non dsp system I have such clear crisp sound with great mid-bass and lows. I highly recommend these if you are going to install them in a BMW as they run quite efficiently with the bmw provided alpine amp. I'll be getting 2 more pairs of the 6.5's for my 325i soon.

Written by undefined on 7th Mar 2011

holy shit!

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