DSP IV II Digital Signal Processors

You can only be as good as your source material, and the DSP-Z8 IV II series greatly expands your potential for the best possible source material. The Toslink optical input accepts the digital signal from your head unit or from a portable HD player, but the IV II series doesn’t stop there. The DSP-Z8 IV II units also have digital Bluetooth streaming so you can stream digital music.  An interactive digital port will expand your options even more. The port accepts the control input from the included Dash Remote so you can change input source, change memory presets, control the master volume and even control the output of your system’s bass amps. But beyond that, this special port will let you upgrade to the 3” digital touch screen remote for more control (available September 2018).  And in November 2018 you will even be able to connect an external HD player, with its own integrated remote. Also available in November 2018, is the iPhone interface that will let you play up to 192kHz HD music files  direct from the iPhone’s digital output

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