The “Stage 2” product line offered by Hybrid Audio Technologies is our Clarus series, a “cost-effective high end” option that has received the praises of the mass media and users worldwide. All design cues for the Clarus series were taken from the Legatia series.  Clarus was reviewed by Car Audio & Electronics Magazine and was found to be one of the top-three in the magazine's 16+ year history of reviewing products.

Clarus products come in two component set kits, the C51-2 (5 ¼”), and the C61-2 (6 ½”).  Each Clarus kit contains a pair of midbass, a pair of 20mm soft-dome tweeters, Clarus competition-grade crossovers with spring-loaded terminals (suitable for display), tweeter hardware with several tweeter mounting options, connection wire, and grilles.  The Clarus systems are a good “step up” in performance from the Imagine series.

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